Saturday, October 24, 2015

Article of the Week (October 19 - 23)

Mark Grove
Dr. Jones
Honors Biology
23 October 2015
Article of the Week
This article talks about how litter is growing worse and spreading farther across the globe.  Even remote areas, such as the Arctic, are experiencing pollution.  The article talks about how pollution is accidentally (or not) released into the ocean.  It is hurting the environment and the animals who live in certain areas.  In my opinion, we should find a way to prevent pollution from spreading or find a way to stop it completely.  Even though there isn't a lot of pollution in the Arctic, it's still there.  That means that it is still hurting living things that are affected by pollution.  One quote that stood out to me was when Melanie Bergmann says that "On the deep Arctic seafloor, we found an average of 2.2 to 18.4 pieces of litter per kilometre of our route."  Oceanic pollution is very common, as much as 18 pieces of plastic can be found in a single kilometer of the sea floor.  Another quote was when Bergmann said that some of the information he found was from another study with a completely different objective.  He said that it is good to receive unbiased data to make your results more accurate.  One question that I have is this: How much does pollution affect sea life and what can we do to prevent it?


  1. I think this is a really interesting article. I like your question about how to prevent pollution because I think it is something we need to figure out.

  2. I am really enjoying the articles you've chosen!