Thursday, November 5, 2015

Article Of The Week (Magic Plant)

Mark Grove
Dr. Jones
Biology H
An ancient Australian tobacco plant could be the key to growing food in space. A new gene found in this specific plant apparently has several qualities that could support life in space. The plant's largest opponent is drought, and has found an efficient way to overcome it. It uses less water than other plants that are as large because it can focus its energy into growing faster and more efficiently. I wonder how much this new discovery will help living in space and why (other than because it consumes less water). If it is very useful, I hope that we will advance scientifically and technologically by learning more about plants like this one. We should look into other special traits about this plant. One quote that I found interesting was when Professor Waterhouse said that this tobacco plant could become the next nude mouse. Does this mean that it will be the next lab animal/test subject that will help make discoveries? Another quote from Professor Waterhouse was when he said that the plant could be used to speed up cures for cancer and help agricultural advancement. If it is so effective and powerful, then we should look into it and make sure it is something that we are willing to invest in. One question I have is this: can we really use this plant to make HUGE discoveries in science or is its discovery meaningless?

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