Friday, February 12, 2016

Article of The Week

Mark Grove
Dr. Jones
Honors Bio
12 Feb 2016
This article talks about horses and how they decipher human emotions. When showed pictures of good and bad human emotions, scientists knew that they were intelligent. Their reaction when showed a human face depicting anger was understandable, causing the animal's heart rate to increase. This is a defense mechanism that helps the animal see any negative human behavior, such as rough handling.

I thought that this article was very interesting because it talked about the reading of emotions beyond the species barrier. Horses can supposedly interpret human emotions, which is a big discovery in the scientific field. This makes me wonder what other species can do this.

One quote that was interesting to me is this: "Emotional awareness is likely to be very important in highly social species like horses -- and our ongoing research is examining the relationship between a range of emotional skills and social behaviour." I wonder what other tests are being conducted to find out more about animals? Another quote is this: "There are several possible explanations for our findings." It is interesting to me that science can give us facts but it takes more effort to find the reasons behind these facts.

Overall, I really liked this article; however, I have one question: what else can we find out about horses and possibly other animals about their individual abilities?


  1. I find this itneresting... if they can read our behaviors, can we read theirs? and one moe question.... can they smell fear?

  2. This article is interesting because it is crazy that animals such as horses and dogs can sense what the humans are feeling. Like my dog can sense when I'm angry or happy.

  3. This was very interesting. I never really think that horses are such intelligent animals. I wonder if other studies like this have been done on other animals?

  4. This is really cool, I wonder if there are any other animals capable of reading human emotions?

  5. Is there any other animals that can read human emotions?