Friday, February 5, 2016

Mark Grove
Dr. Jones
February 5  2016
Honors Bio
This article was very interesting. It talked a lot about ancient animals and what special traits some of the m had. For example, an ancient dinosaur-resembling animal had a horn shaped organ that might have emitted a sound similar to that of a trumpet. Although no such animal exists today, it is still a fascinating discovery.

In my opinion, this animal would have been very unique when it was around, being able to make loud noises whenever it wanted. It had freedom to use its horn, which is an interesting idea. I wonder what this could tell us about creatures of the past and possibly creatures of the future.

One quote that stood out to me was this: "hadrosaurs are sometimes referred to as the 'cows of the Cretaceous.'" I wonder why this nickname exists and how it relates? Another quote I found was this: "Vocalizations can alert predators, and moving their calls into a new frequency could have made communication safer." This is a good quote because it tells what these horns were actually used for.

In conclusion, I really liked reading this article and I would like one question answered: Is this discovery actually important to science and if so, what could it potentially do for us?

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  1. This article is amazing. It is amazing how god has created our world with many unique creatures.