Friday, February 26, 2016

Mark Grove
Dr. Jones
Honors Bio
This article was very interesting, talking about black holes and many complex theories that are difficult to understand. As we are living in a 3 dimensional universe (4 including time), we can only perceive 3 dimensions. As new research shows, there are probably other dimensions that humans cannot comprehend. A new shape of black hole, a ring with bulging edges, was simulated by an advanced computer recently, and what was discovered could 'break' Einstein's theory of relativity. If this was true, then all of science would come tumbling down on its foundation.

This article was very fascinating to me because I didn't understand parts of it. Black holes are an interesting topic for most, but I find them very intriguing. This new type of black hole, although it might not exist in real life, could still mean revolutionary things for us. It is strange how one simple theory could contradict everything that we have known to be true in physics forever. I would like to learn more about this topic eventually...

"The better we get at simulating Einstein's theory of gravity in higher dimensions, the easier it will be for us to help with advancing new computational techniques -- we're pushing the limits of what you can do on a computer when it comes to Einstein's theory," said Tunyasuvunakool. This quote shows us how much technology is working in our advantage. "But if cosmic censorship doesn't hold in higher dimensions, then maybe we need to look at what's so special about a four-dimensional universe that means it does hold." This is a good point.

In conclusion, I liked this article very much and my question is this: What can we do to discover more about this topic so that we can prove that Einstein's theories are correct?


  1. ummmm. i wonder how it would break his theory of relitity though?

  2. Wow! I wonder how they could test this to see if there really is another dimension?