Thursday, March 17, 2016

Mark Grove
Dr. Brande Jones
Honors Bio
17 March 2016
This article talked mainly about the scientific process of discovering different properties that can supposedly make you live longer. They tested these 6 new substances with yeast because it have a very similar aging process to humans. Life was increased, on average, between 300 and 400%, a huge increase. They are still testing, but these could be seen in drugs soon.

I was very interested in this article because it explains a process that is unheard of in our society. An anti-aging substance, or even plant, could be revolutionary if successful. I look forward to hearing more about this process and the results that scientists receive.

One quote that interested me was this: "These six extracts have been recognized as non-toxic by Health Canada, and already exhibit recognized health benefits in humans," says Simard. This shows us that these substances are okay to use with animals, and possibly humans. Another quote is this: "But first, more research must be done. That's why Idunn Technologies is collaborating with four other universities for six research programs, to go beyond yeast, and work with an animal model of aging, as well as two cancer models." So, they are trying to find out more about these things.

I really enjoyed this article and it leaves me with two questions... When will these plant extracts be seen publicly and are there any downsides to them?