Friday, April 1, 2016

Article of the Week

Mark Grove
Dr. Jones
Honors Bio
April 1, 2016
Article of the Week
I was very interested in my article of the week this week. It was about transparent wood that might be used for windows. Apparently, scientists alter it in some way that makes it somewhat see-through. Because wood is a renewable resource, it is easy to mass produce in this fashion and should be fairly cheap.

I liked the article because it talked about something that I had never heard of before, using wood as windows. I would like to see where this project goes and if I will ever see this product in real life. I wonder how useful it would be to different people.

A quote that I found interesting was this: "When the lignin is removed, the wood becomes beautifully white. But because wood isn't not naturally transparent, we achieve that effect with some nanoscale tailoring." I think it's interesting how they can alter the color of the wood using molecular means. Another quote is this: "No one has previously considered the possibility of creating larger transparent structures for use as solar cells and in buildings." I wonder why nobody's ever thought about doing this before...

One question I have is this: can the wood be fully transparent and functional as a real window or would the vision be impaired?


  1. This is interesting. Traspanrent wood. This is revolutionary in natural lighting. Does this have other implications?

  2. Wow, this is really interesting. I wonder if this could help prevent break ins?

  3. Wow, this is really cool. I wonder if people will use the transparent wood for windows, I wonder what the benefit of using it would be, such as if it is sturdier.

  4. WHat makes the wood transparent?