Friday, April 15, 2016

Mark Grove
Dr. Jones
Honors Biology
April 15, 2016
Biology Article of the Week
I found an article that mixes technology with biology. Apparently, scientists are trying to compose a synthetic skin that allows robots to recognize and feel what is around them. Although there are many prototypes for this invention, the challenge is to produce a fully functional low cost alternative that is very thin and malleable. Apparently, work is being done to achieve this soon.

In my opinion, this article was very interesting because it talked about making robots seem human. Although this might not seem like a good idea to some, it could drastically improve the industry of biotechnology. I look forward to seeing how this material could be used in everyday life in the future.

One quote that I found interesting was this: "The researchers created a smart skin out of ultra-thin plastic films and just four electrodes made from silver nanowires. Other prototypes contain up to 36 electrodes." Although I don't know some of the stuff they are talking about, it encouraged me to look it up online. Another quote is this: "Testing showed that the skin was highly sensitive. It could "feel" a honeybee as it flew toward and away from the device."

I still wonder if sometime in the near future robots could seem like humans and possibly be identical in some cases. It is almost uncanny that biotechnology allows robots to have human characteristics.


  1. This is very interesting. I will be interested to see what they do with this technology.

  2. This definitly has potintal, could this be a prdecesor to robots having feelings?! all jokes acide this is a technology that can have verious positive applications.

  3. This article is really interesting, and it is kind of scary to think about. I wonder if biotechnology will allow the robots to have human characteristics like you wondered.